Our house in Sweden

We began to go to Sweden in our holidays in 1970. First in a cottage at Isaberg, and later we rented a house in different places. One time even as high as Dalarne. We started to consider how it would be to have a house over there, and in 1975 we bought a house which would act as a second home. It was actually an all year house. Built as home for the parents to a son who took over the farm, but unlike so many other similar houses, this was in a reasonable distance from the farm.

It may sound great that you buy a all year house only to be used for leisure. However, the house was considerably cheaper than a holiday house in Denmark, and if you think about the distance, it was always a condition that the house should be used only when there was some coherent days. Although there were 200 km to our new home up in Småland, we drove on an annual basis, significantly less than those who visited the cottage in Denmark every weekend.

The house is lying in a beautiful natural area with lots of forest, and 1 ½ km to a 10 km long lake. In winter, there is often snow for skiing. The house is located in nearly 200 meters altitude, and this means, that there are just these few degrees colder as we lack for snow to remain in Denmark. You can walk in the woods and swim in the lakes, and there are many excursions as markets and the like.

There is also, of course, maintenance here, but the area around the house is nature which do not require the great care, and the house are build in coarse materials which do not require as much care as a similar house in Denmark. We're are happy for having a house in Sweden, and has now been up there much more than 100 times.

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Edited februar 25, 2009