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If you are interested in knowing something about my origin, what I have been involved in, and the interests I have, and have had, click on the links at the following pictures, or use the links below that will lead you to that section :
Childhood Work Brigade Greenland Danish Civil aviation
Family Our house spare time house VW-cars Harley Davidson
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Works in Ceramics Book: The lead mine in Mesters Vig
The story about life in Vallensbaek

village in 10-years 1930-40

My digital photos

Birth and childhood

This section where I was born and also where I spent my childhood and have gone to school. Want to know more about this period, read the story about life in Vallensbaek village.

Work begins

Follow this link to see how I as a 13-year-old began to work. First in horticulture and then as a car mechanic

My Harley Davidson motorcycles

If you follow this link, you get to know how I came to drive Harley Davidson.

And, if you choose this link, you get to what followed later, namely our cars- a VW 1600 and a VW 1300.

The Danish Brigade in Germany

As a soldier I was in the Danish Brigade in Germany. Proceed here to read about it.

My life in Greenland

Most of my life has been linked to Greenland. First through years of work for the mining company  Northern Mining Company  Ltd. in Mesters Vig, later through special projects and monitoring. Read more in that section.

When I bought Nordkaperen

One day I saw a small ad in a newspaper. It resulted in the purchase of  sail yact Nordkaperen and 3 years of work and costs of unforeseen dimensions. But then the vessel was also ready for sailing.

Read the section on Nordkaperen and try to understand what work it is to have a boat of this size.

My family

In 1961 I founded a family. I was married to Jytta and we had our first child, as we named Naja.

In the picture, it is Jytta and Naja looking beyond Kong Oscars fjord in Northeast. They were in 1963 - while I was still employed in the mining company - on a visit during my last stay in Mesters Vig in mining compagny service. Follow this link to learn more about my family.

You have now reached the end of this foray in my lifes experiences. Perhaps there was something you'd like to know something more about. Or maybe you'll come up with an icy criticism of my website. Or a heart warm praise. If you have any comment, use this e-mail address to contact me.

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Fin Kloeve Lassen

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