My hobbies

My first real hobby was model flying. It started when the magazine Familiejournalen sold drawings for a glider model called Fj-1. I built one, and later there was more. Also self constructed models, mostly in a model flying club in Glostrup. It lasted until 2. World War was over, and motorcycles were the case, and model flying shelved.

A parallel hobby was to take photos. A boxcamera was what you could have when I started, probably 12 years old. I still have most negatives. They bears traces of humid storage conditions, but is still useful. When I was in the Brigade in Germany, it was possible to buy a better camera with a good optics, and 1963, it was a 24 x 36 with a similar good optics. Enlarging was made at a homemade enlarging equipment where two soup bowls was the lamp house. Furthermore, I in 1953 bought a 16 mm film camera, and have a good part of film from the period. However, it is an extremely expensive hobby, which has now switched over to digital video as we have acquired such a camera. Furthermore, I worked with sound recordings. First at wirerecorder, later in the taperecorder and now cassetterecorder.

To maintain the house and cars can not be called a hobby, but should rather be described as a necessity, like the time with Nordkaperen may not be called pure hobby.

In 1975 I began to make a serious effort to learn more about to draw and paint. I did this by visiting school in the evening for several years, and later joined the Artist Society K21, which gave the opportunity to exhibit and compare with others. Furthermore, we have every winter model once a week, which is incredibly inspiring and evolving.

The last years I have worked particularly with portrait drawing, and think I have achieved some good results.

Finally, I started a number of years ago to make ceramics, and there is evil tongues claiming that this is what I'm best at. To see some examples of my ceramic work, follow this Link.

In 1992, I received the first computer. That has I tried to learn to use ever since. It has gone quite well, but I also expect to learn a new thing every day. It was not a high-tech one. Only 2 mb RAM and 40 mb hard drive, but with my son-in-law as a supporter I managed to make a lot on this little machine. Yes, even to go on the Internet, but there were to be installed a little more RAM to surf the web, while mail could be dealt with at 2 mb. The next computer had more RAM and a 200 mb hard drive, but otherwise was not faster. And with that, I could do everything I needed. Even without the phone bill ran riot. But it has got a successor which is faster, with more RAM, and with an extra hard drive on 7 gb. And that is fine, because I the last time have worked a lot with photos, and that fills well. Now I has started to edit video on the computer, but here is an entirely different requirements. They were rewarded with a computer that had 512 mb RAM, 120 gb hard disk and a dizzying speed on 2 ghz. But the old computer is still intact as a reliable reserve.

But what do I use the computer for. In particular, to make this site, but I have worked most with word, where I write about my many experiences, because this site is only a foray into my events. But who will read everything? I had an uncle who sailed as chief engineer and, among much else was torpedoed during convoy sailing during the First World War. He wrote very, very live, and I have regarded it as a great experience to be able to read his reports. Perhaps there is also one who will regard it as an experience to read what I had written, and I will actually be satisfied. Furthermore, there are now published a book in which I tell about the lead and zink mine in Mesters Vig in Greenland. It is published by the publisher Atuagkat, and the book's title is "Blyminen in Mesters Vig."

A second objective where the computer is essential is genealogy. Here the computer makes it possible to keep track of some. 2500 people which I somehow have a connection to. It is possible to put all these people into a site so they can be applied with links from person to person. I prefer however to be satisfied with a listing of names. Should there then be some who find a name they are interested in hearing more about, you will be very welcome to contact me for the exchange of information. Follow this link to go to the names.

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Edited february 25 2009