Born and raised

I was born in 1926 in Sdr Bjerge. A village with its own station on a line leading to Skelskoer in Southsealand. Here had my parents a small place on a few tdr. land. It did not last for a long time, because they had bought the spot immediately after the First World War when everything was still expensive, and when the depression came in 1930 they had to leave the premises and move nearer to Copenhagen.

Here we ended up in Vallensbaek. Another small village, but without the station. On the other hand, there was a coach that went in to Copenhagen several times a day. My father was worker on a farm in what, at the time, was a typical agricultural area, and I delivered newspapers as soon as I could carry the bag, so my future was secured, for many great personalities was started as news vendors.

I went to school in Vallensbaek School. It was in the village where I lived, but covered the whole area, and the children who came from the beach area could have an unpleasant turn when it was bad weather because there was of course no school bus. In school were only employed a mistress and a teacher, the latter was even a long time substitute. We went to the 1. Class in 2 years, and 2. Classes also in 2 years while in 3. Class we went for 3 years. Here was therefore  pupils from 3 year taught simultaneously at three different levels, and it went basically surprisingly good, although there were up to 40 children in class. On the other hand, we went only to school in 3 hours a day. In the last few years of my time in school was however employed an additional teacher, who even got the title of first teacher. At the same time, classes where divided so that they better did correspond to each generation.

The last year of school, I had a job as a delivery boy at a laundry when the school was finished for the day. But then came World War II and the occupation, and at that time I was finished with my schooling and had to make money, not for myself, but for the entire family's existence, because we were 6 siblings, and therefore a total of 8 persons who should have food and clothes on the body.

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Edited februar 27 2009